Sunday, September 19, 2010

maiden voyage

as i sit here listening to mel torme bust out lullaby of birdland and occasionally flip back to the giants/colts game to check the score on this, sunday sept 19th, i realize it has been 10 days since i said i would post another anecdote from our silly lives the next day. i sigh. clearly i'm not good at posting even every other day so i don't know what i was thinking. high hopes i guess. i have so much to post it's crazy. i wish i was a professional blogger who did get to blog everyday and not a professional hotel salesperson - i would much rather chronicle the wonderful daily happenings in our life (and the bad, and the beautiful, and the scary, and the insane....) and have it all on record to reminisce over in a few years than knock doors of corporate businesses who are so tired of people like me.

someday when motherhood is my only profession i will add to it the skill of blogging more often. i will get tips from my sister who is amazingly consistent and has turned it into an art form.

sorry for the unfulfilled promise.

at any rate, let me tell you about our maiden voyage. it was really spectacular and happened over labor day weekend. in addition to all those great things with the big fam, my little fam also got out and enjoyed the sunshine and local scenery, with the maiden voyage of this guy:

we bought it like, the day after she was born and couldn't wait to use it... good thing we waited til september to break it in, right before all the good weather disappears.

it worked like a dream. the ol' kelty kid pack was perfect and beth rode it like a champ. she just hung out, sucked on her toys and entertained us with the occasional song. what more do you want from a 6 month old?

we hiked up to "the falls" and kicked back for a bit, eating some lunch and taking in the brilliant weather. it could only have been better had there actually been some falls and water for my poor parched dog. we're also getting beth started early on proper use of a camelbak. this girl knew exactly what to do. she must have known what kind of family she was coming to.

yep, that's my girl.

i took the pack on the way back so that i couldn't be accused of not packing my fair share on the hike. :) beth was quiet most of the way... she zonked out completely.

yes friends, it was a good first run. the weather got warm again and september has been good to us. i believe there is still time for a few more of these. got to get them in before she weighs twice as much next spring...!


Katie said...

Looks like a fun hike! And that baby carrier thingy is awesome!

christine said...

She is SOOOO beautiful! Looks like a good time.