Saturday, January 15, 2011

i get it

i get it. i totally get it. most people would kill to have one of these and i never really got why. i was more of a what's-the-big-deal-aren't-they-all-the-same kind of gal when it came to these.
but now that i have one, i understand what all the fuss was about.

uh-mazing! and i have to give all the credit to hank. the man got this thing on black friday at about 3:30am. (are you impressed? because i am). best way to do it, i guess. i am changed. i will never go back. who knew a vacuum could totally enthrall me?

oh, and that blasted crochet blanket? check.


o charm said...

ok, crochet blanket? lovely.

and the dyson? you're experiencing the same thing with it as i am uggs. never thought that would be me, but i can't get them off my feet.
it's sad but true-- usually those expensive things are worth it.

Sarah M said...

long live the dyson and long live good deals. we paid 400 bones for ours, i bet you got a steal of a deal.

TeamDall said...

love the blanket. love the dyson. everyone should have one. i'm consistantly disgusted with what mine sucks up. oooh, sucky!

OnGod'sErrand said...

way to go! Your first resolution is finished and January isn't even over yet! It looks great.
You inspired me and I started one too, but it's at least another month away.