Friday, November 25, 2011


night 1: seamless. amazing. didn't get up. didn't hear from her once. at all. it was incredible. wasn't sure if we just got lucky, or if we actually did something right.

night 2: she figured out that we couldn't just put her in her crib and leave. therefore, she was super hyper, wanted to play all night, and didn't go down until 10:30. (she usually goes down at 7:30). DESPITE, once she went down, we didn't hear from her all night, and though the night was quite short for her, i'm just grateful that she slept all the way through. she was, however, really tired and cranky the next day.

night 3: somewhat better, but by default i think. after a long, busy day, she fell asleep on the way home from my parents house at 8:30, and let me transfer her from the car to the bed without waking up. again, we were all lucky enough to sleep through the night with zero interruption. i was starting to get excited that we were onto something.

night 4: COMPLETE DISASTER. went down and stayed down after getting up just once (improvement at least); however, an hour after hank and i went to bed we heard her outside our door, trying to get in and then crying after not being successful. hank changed her diaper and back to bed she went.... for a little while. then she was back at our door, trying to get in. can't remember who got up with her that time, since it happened 6 MORE TIMES AFTER THAT! none of us got any sleep that night. it was stellar. and a perfect way to kick off our thanksgiving. NOT. it seemed we were just going farther and farther backwards and i was actually considering giving her the paci again, to let it do just that: pacify so i could get a little shut eye. i held strong though, and didn't give in. i was very nervous about night #5.

night 5: fantastic. went to bed, didn't get up once, slept all the way through the night. after the previous night, it was AMAZEBALLS. i was so grateful. SO grateful, you have no idea. i even went to bed at 9:00 as a precautionary measure in case were were going to have a repeat of the night before. that would have allowed me at least 3 hours of sleep before doing it all over again. that, and i was just that tired. but it wasn't a repeat. she didn't get up once. it was glorious.

night 6: well, the jury's still out. but so far so good. didn't get up after putting her down, and two hours later, she's still sleeping soundly. so i'm praying that it's finally caught on. i really hope so. i'm running out of nights where i can afford even shorter sleeping time before going back to work. tonight, i'm optimistic....

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