Sunday, July 8, 2012

while i was gone

the man warned me. he said, "i just want to prep you - things aren't exactly like you left them 3 days ago" i figured the house was a disaster - i had been gone for a while after all. but no. my assumption was incorrect. he meant the boy wasn't exactly like him when i left.  i came home to find this:

the funny thing was, he posted it on facebook (which i am still holding out on) long before i got home and received a ton of comments from people who obviously know both of us... an no one out there thought to warn me? thanks guys :) i think they figured they'd rather he get the brunt of the inevitably negative reaction than take that on themselves.

honestly, i had to laugh. it's not permanent. and it wasn't beth. and actually, despite missing the first haircut we've ever given either of our kids, i was actually more perplexed at how he managed to keep hyde still long enough to pull it off. then i looked at the back!! well, at least the top was mostly straight :)

i don't when we'll shave it off. i mean, c'mon... it is pretty cute. and if a 6 month old is going to pull off a mohawk, it may as well be mine, right?

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