Saturday, April 20, 2013

play day

last weekend hank and i went to arizona. by ourselves. it was awesome. grandma b came up and watched the kids for us all snowy weekend long while hank and i lived it up in the sunshine. we met two other couples there and while the boys went canyoneering, we ladies stayed by the pool, ordered food, got massages and drank in the fact that we were all kid-less and could actually do what we were doing. hank and i have never gone away for the weekend like that before, and it will probably be our last trip for a while, so we both took advantage of it and made it a solid, fun weekend. wish i had some pictures to share from the trip, but i don't.

our flight got delayed some on the way home - it was snowing like crazy in good ol' CO, and our car totally died out 15 minutes from home. that part kind of sucked. i just wanted to get home to my kids who i missed. a stellar weekend, minus that part, and good for my soul. i came back happy and sunburned and ready to get through these next 3 weeks until #3 comes.

and honestly, i can't wait. not because i'm uncomfortable, (because i am, make no mistake), but just because i am so looking forward to meeting this new life and spirit and finding out if it's a girl or a boy! so, so glad we're waiting to find out. the anticipation and angst is massively exciting and if/when (depending on who you ask) we do this again, i want to go the same route. so much fun to keep it a surprise until the end. 18 days and counting....

from a play day a couple weeks ago:

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o charm said...

you get such great pictures of them with your rockin' camera and all that light in your house. want to take some of us again this summer? pretty please?